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Help Me Grow Program

Help Me Grow is a system of supports for pregnant women, caregivers with new babies, and families with young children. Our goal is to support parents and caregivers as a child’s first and most important teacher. Our trained professionals offer individualized family support, child development services, tools and resources to prepare pregnant women and empower parents with skills and confidence to nurture the healthy growth of their child throughout the child’s earliest years.

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Help Me Grow


10 - 15 minutes


Eyes tracking objects, arm movements, core strength


Comfortable place to sit indoors or outdoors where there is lots of activity to watch.


1. Sit with your baby on your lap, sitting upright and facing forward like you.

2. Point at different things that are happening (children playing, cars driving, birds singing, rain falling, etc.) and talk to your baby about what you are seeing.

3. Notice how your baby pushes and strains to sit upright, and perhaps reaches and points at the activity. This is good for building core strength to sit upright unassisted.


As your baby's strength and balance improves, try sitting them upright on the floor with pillows behind and besides them for some support and safety.


This activity helps your baby to develop basic upper body movements, visual acuity, and core strength with balance.

Active for Life

Baby sit up and look

2 – 8 months

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