East Toledo Family Center

One Voice For East Toledo

Vision Statement:

East Toledo residents, business, churches and community organizations will be engaged in creating thriving, safe, and family friendly neighborhoods of choice. The East Toledo community will be characterized by quality housing, excellent schools and attractive public spaces that allow for active recreation and the arts. The Main-Starr corridor will be a vibrant business district providing neighborhood retail and personal services meeting the needs of residents. East Toledo will attract visitors as the result of a flourishing waterfront and cultural attractions.
The East Toledo Family Center through our community building efforts have created a platform to engage all stakeholders in making a difference in the East Toledo Community. One Voice for East Toledo has been in existence since 2012. The One Voice for East Toledo platform is simple, we engage, educate and empower interested stakeholders (residents, church, school, agency and business volunteer leaders) in building a livable, healthy and sustainable east Toledo Community. The One Voice for East Toledo platform engages all stakeholders; specifically residents that are working to create and making change in their neighborhoods.

  • Organized
  • Proactive, but will be reactive as a team
  • Making change by working together

One Voice is not about just meeting and discussing; it is about action and making the necessary changes by working together. The following are focused areas in our neighborhoods:
  • Housing Committee
  • Neighborhood Safety Committee
  • Park Committee
  • Safety Committee
  • Community Clean-Ups

Current Project: Garfield Neighborhood Master Plan

The East Toledo Family Center, One Voice for East Toledo, Toledo Design Collective and Midstory are working on a master plan in the Garfield Neighborhood; additional partners, residents, community leaders, Metroparks, LISC, Arts Commission and many others. The goal is to engage all stakeholders in the plan, and to create a neighborhood leadership team that will carry the plan out over the next several years.

To learn more about making change in your neighborhood, or creating a better East Toledo. Call 419-691-1429 and get connected to our Community Builder.
One Voice for East Toledo has created a Tool Kit to assist neighborhood volunteer leaders in making change in their community at the block level. The kit is an informational tool that will offer information to assist volunteers in addressing safety, crime and community issues One Voice is looking for Neighborhood Ambassadors. The volunteer Ambassador will be the liaison between One Voice and the neighbors on their block(s). Click here to learn more about the Adopt-A-Block Ambassador Program, and how you can get involved.
The Tool Kit is a working document that covers the following topics which are based on the One Voice for East Toledo sub committees. (disclaimer: the document is subject to change without notice)

The One Voice for East Toledo Housing Committee is working with residents to clean up the blighted properties in East Toledo. The committee is working to provide information on tenant rights and homeownership in East Toledo.
The One Voice for East Toledo Youth/Safety Committee is working with residents to address the safety concerns in our neighborhoods. The committee also shares safety tip information sheets to the community.
One Voice for East Toledo Parks Sub Committee is working with residents to create safer and cleaner parks for our families to be able to use the great parks that we have in our neighborhoods.
One Voice for East Toledo and NeighborWorks’ Economics Sub Committee is working on strategies to revitalize our Business District (Main/Starr/Front Streets). It is important to work with our businesses to create a cleaner and safer business district. (all of the tool kit pages apply to this committee)

For additional information on the how you can get involved contact East Toledo Family Center & One Voice at 419-466-4884 or via email at onevoiceforeasttoledo@gmail.com. Facebook: One Voice for East Toledo